3 Great Businesses Run From a Shipping Container


Shipping containers normally have a sea life of 15-18 years but some creative minds give them a great after-life. Starting a business in a shipping container is now a very popular thing to do, especially for those who can’t afford expensive property. You can purchase good used containers nationwide for around £1000 which are providing huge potential for those looking to invest. Often people run small businesses, shops and restaurants from inside. Here are some of our favourite local uses in North East England, and some more general ideas worldwide.

1. Riley’s Fish Shack

Riley’s Fish Shack is located in King Edward’s Bay in Tynemouth. The owners have taken a shipping container and removed the front panel, replacing it with a glass front and an additional veranda. This gives a unique view of the North Sea and the bay itself from inside the shack and the bar style seating outdoors.

2. Northern Alchemy Brewing

The Northern Alchemy brewery is a company that works beside The Cumberland Arms from a 30ft shipping container. Inside is a fully functioning craft brewery producing some of the finest beers of the region. This project serves as an additional space allowing the pub owners to expand and create a whole new self-sustaining business in just 240 square ft.

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3. Cook House

The Cook House opened in 2014 and began serving delicious food using vegetables grown in their own garden. The steel container houses a light decorated interior. Diners sit along one row of tables placed along the length of the container.

Start a Business in a Shipping Container

The businesses mentioned so far are operating from a single modified container, although many other projects are using multiple containers to create more complex buildings to live or work in. Designers join containers together, remove walls, add walkways, doors and windows and can create truly unique spaces. Reusing containers for this purpose is a great idea, especially where space is an issue. They are relatively cheap and can be characteristically homely after some thought for decoration.

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