When Do You Need a Planning Permission for a Mezzanine Floor?


If you intend to install a new mezzanine floor into your workspace you may be required to seek planning permission or permission in the form of Building Approval Regulation. The following key information will allow you to proceed with your design allowing for any regulations.

Will I need Planning Permission?

Generally, no formal permission needs to be sought out before erecting a mezzanine floor. This permission comes in the form of Building Regulation Approval. In some scenarios planning permission is needed, however some other building regulations need to be checked and followed before you begin construction.

Planning permission may be necessary if:          

  • The new floor increases the site floor area beyond the permission previously granted
  • The floor is for use as an office or work space
  • The new floor requires external alterations
  • The space is for use as retail storage and exceeds 200m²

What are the Requirements for Mezzanine Building Regulations?

The Building Regulations 2010 supersedes the Building Regulations 2000 and states:

  • The procedural regulations that indicate which building work requires permission, and how to obtain permission,
  • The technical standards that the building work should achieve.

The Building Regulations 2010 are to promote health and safety by providing a standard of work and the requirements for new buildings, designs and construction projects. ‘Raised Storage Areas’ aka, mezzanine floors, are mentioned in the regulations and may likely require Building Regulation Approval. As part of the design process and construction plan it is essential that you check whether or not your design requires approval.

Which Parts of the Building Regulations Apply to Mezzanine Floors?

  • Structural Safety (Part A)
  • Fire Safety (Part B)
  • Protection from Falling (Part K)
  • Access to and Use of Buildings (Part M)

For more information on The Building Regulations 2010, please visit these useful websites: www.labc.uk.com and www.planningportal.gov.uk.

Do I Need to Apply for Building Regulation Approval for a Mezzanine Floor?

Before you can begin construction, you will need to apply for approval directly with your local council or an independent inspector. They will provide a full appraisal of the design and either allow or deny permission to build, based on their findings. After construction, the inspector will return to confirm if the construction has met the required standards.

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