Heavy Duty or Medium Duty? Shelving, Racking and Pallet Trucks


Heavy duty and medium duty means something different for each product. It can get tricky to decide whether you need medium or heavy duty, especially with regards to shelving, racking and pallet trucks. We have outlined characteristics for all of these to help you decide which products are right for you.

Medium Duty Shelving

Medium duty shelving units are ideal for most industrial and commercial applications. You can purchase shelving for use in a range of temperatures and harsh environments like cold stores. Standard, cost-effective constructions of medium duty shelving involve a structural steel frame with chipboard levels. you can load each level up to 100-300kg depending on the construction.


Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy duty shelving units are more appropriate when the stored goods are still relatively small but much heavier than standard commercial goods. You can load each level to above 300kg in most cases due to a robust construction. Expect heavy duty shelving frames to have a construction that features galvanised structural steels and levels that are made from sheet steel, steel mesh or heavy duty chipboards.

heavy duty shelving

Medium Duty Racking

Light industries should use medium duty racking when storing pallets which are not fully loaded. Each rack consists of levels made from lighter timber beams or chipboard.

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Heavy Duty Racking

Storage facilities can be use heavy duty racking to store the heaviest pallets due to its construction. The construction consists of rectangular tubular steel frames with levels made of strong timber beams or steel beams. With heavy duty racking you can protect the lower sections of frame with post protectors bolted to the ground. The level of access required in such racking is often higher than medium duty racking, so it is important that the structure is protected from cumulative forklift use.

Medium Duty Pallet Trucks

Medium duty pallet trucks are the most common and most affordable solution for carrying pallets. Each truck can carry up to 2500kg due to its strong, steel frame and fork and nylon wheels or rollers.

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Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks

The main advantage of heavy duty pallet trucks is that they can carry a much higher load than medium duty pallet trucks. these trucks have a much tougher construction and a reinforced frame and fork. This allows you to carry loads up to 8000kg. These trucks can be used to carry your heaviest pallets with ease and have been designed with very high loads in mind. Replacing nylon wheels with polyurethane or steel also provides higher durability in service.

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