4 Tips for the Ultimate Multifunction Workbench


Workbenches are essential installations for any keen woodworker. Different workbenches are on the market for different needs; made from different materials, at different heights and with different sizes. But what if your need is flexibility? What if you need a workbench which can be used for lots of different things to suit your needs? Well then what you need is a multifunction workbench! In this article we will be listing our tips for what makes the ultimate multifunction workbench.

1. Dog Holes and Troughs

A workbench with dog holes is one of those features that you don’t realise you need till you have them. The ability to seamlessly pin down pieces of wood and material in order to do your work is a huge advantage for a master carpenter. Troughs are also incredibly useful for keeping the kinds of screws and nails you use close at hand to allow for an efficient and fluid process.

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2. Manoeuvrability

A key parameter for any multifunction workbench is flexibility. An important part of this is manoeuvrability. That’s why a multifunction workbench needs wheels to transport it round you workshop. These should clamp down when required to make sure the workbench stays in place when you want to do your work.

3. Adjustable Height

Another big part of flexibility is vertical manoeuvrability. Adjustable height is therefore a great addition to a multifunction workbench. A workbench with easily adjustable height will serve you in almost any situation you might be faced with.

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4. Storage

To keep the work process running smoothly, you want your tools and equipment close at hand so the maximum possible time can be spent actually working. That’s why storage options on your multifunction workbench are a no brainer. There are a few ways you could go about this. A tool rack would be useful, allowing you to pick and chose the tools you need and easily put them back. Another option is a storage cabinet, in which you can place the tools you need, as well as tool boxes and any other items you may need close at hand.

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