Custom Made Equipment Is Not That Expensive!


Custom manufacturing can be a great way to meet a unique need. When buying a new product or service, the choice is often between mass produced or custom made. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, but custom manufacturing can be a really great option for most businesses.

Custom Manufacturing is All About You

height adjustable workbench custom manufacturing

Most goods and services we deal with these days are mass produced. If a consumer wants to buy a product, they typically have to find the product which most closely matches their need. With custom made products, the product EXACTLY matches the consumer’s need. Custom made products will work perfectly for you, and in many cases only for you. The advantage of having a product made exactly in your vision should not be understated.

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Quality over Quantity

The manufacture of custom made products often comes with increased quality as well as fitting your custom need. Mass produced items are subject to all the defects and errors associated with mass production. A custom made product takes more time, and often is done with much more care and consideration than a mass consumed product. Many different custom made items can be manufactured from one design, each with superior care and quality than compared to mass produced goods.

It isn’t that Expensive

The big downside of custom made products often quoted is that they cost more. That is not always the case. The material handling industry is a bit different to the fast moving consumer goods industry. Consumer goods make and sell millions of products in short spaces of time, and so custom making an item is significantly more expensive. There is not so much continuous supply or need in material handling, decreasing the margin of expense between custom and mass produced products. Especially if you need more than one, custom manufacturing can be just as cheap as mass produced.

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