What to Do When Visiting a Construction Site


A construction site is known to be quite a dangerous place. All employees working on site need to be properly trained before starting work. However, visitors to construction sites also need to be protected. There often isn’t the time to fully train these people, and so other health and safety procedures are required before they come on site.

Before entering a Construction Site

Before entering a construction site, visitors are required to adhere to relevant regulations. Typically before entering a site, the particular visitor needs to sign in at reception and go through a safety induction. The safety induction may be given by a ‘competent person’, along with a safety instructional video. After that you will need to be supervised by someone trained in safety regulations during your entire visit onsite.

These inductions tell you all you need to know about site regulations, health and safety etc. They typically include: safe access points to the site and car parks, locations and regulations around change rooms, fire evacuation procedures, first aid procedures, any unauthorised areas, safety signs on site and what they mean, safety rule advice, guidance towards the documented health and safety procedures, as well as encouragement to familiarise yourself with the documentation and the company’s legal requirements regarding health and safety.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Once you have gone through the relevant pre-regulations surrounding construction sites, you need to properly suit up. Depending on the nature of the construction site, different PPE will need to be prescribed. However, there are plenty of PPE that are generally considered universal to construction sites.

High visibility jackets are always required when visiting any kind of construction sites or otherwise. Helmets are also required to protect you from any falling hazards. In noisy areas, you need ear plugs to protect you from hearing damage. Some construction sites require you to wear dust masks to protect you from any sawdust or other particles in the air. Safety shoes may also be required dependent on the terrain you are traversing. Finally, you would often need safety goggle to protect your eyes.

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