Saving Costs in Truck Loading and Unloading


Truck loading and unloading is often a repetitive, manual task done by employees with pallet trucks or sack trucks, which is inefficient and costly. Automated truck loading however provides a different way which greatly improved company’s logistics. In this article we will be looking at this solution, the advantages and how it works.

Automated Truck Loading

The loading and unloading of trucks has long been an area of high cost of both money and time in warehousing and manufacturing industries. There is first the manual work required in unloading the goods. Then there is the logical storing of goods in a particular way when unloaded the goods. Truck loading and unloading has often been the task of employees working for long hours with pallet or forklift trucks. Now there is a different solution.

Automated truck loading and unloading can lead to serious gains in both cost and efficiency. As well as cutting time and salary required for paying workers to do this manual work, automated loading solutions can cut the amount of pallet trucks in your fleet too. Other advantages include health and safety improvements, and a consistently logical system for storing loaded and unloaded goods.

How Does it Work?

Automated loading and unloading systems are typically the result of a robotised lift-truck which can enter truck trailers and load or deposit goods. It has a dual lift-truck on the front which can easily load throughout the full length of the trailer. The module can also transport sideways, allowing loading/unloading to multiple units in one area.

Automated truck loading also uses smart technology to work out when and where to unload. When transporting to the appropriate door, the unit will detect when trailer doors open and start loading/unloading goods. The system typically works in tandem with other operations to transport the goods once unloaded. For example, you would often see conveyor belts transporting goods to the required destination.

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