4 Industry Jobs That Will Disappear by 2040


We live in an exciting time. Technology and automation are advancing all the time. As a result, there are plenty of jobs being replaced by machines or new software. Last week we looked at the jobs already being extinct. Today it is time to see the four industry jobs that will disappear by 2040.

1. Truck Drivers

The driverless revolution is upon us, and that means plenty of transportation jobs that will disappear. Taxi drivers, bus drivers, train drivers; all are at risk. Pertaining to manufacturing and logistics especially though, truck drivers are at the greatest risks. Truck drivers often have a reasonable salary, of an upwards of £10/hour. As a result, they are prime candidates for cost cutting in an organisation. With the driverless technology there, it is only a matter of time before the truck driver goes the way of the T-rex.

2. Accountants

The finer side of running a successful manufacturing/material handling business is accounting. These connoisseurs of spreadsheets may soon be gone however. Software is being developed which can automatically sort the numbers, analyse them and produce written reports in much shorter times than their human counterparts. It may take some time, but eventually software operated accountants will become the norm and human accountants will be one of the countless jobs that will disappear.

3. Utility/Energy Engineers

Power industries are due to undergo major changes in the near future. Fossil fuels are falling out of fashion, in favour of renewable energy. Large national grids are being forecast to be consolidated into smaller, locally operated smart grids. This can therefore lead to the loss of jobs for a huge number of operators and engineers working within these industries.

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4. Manual Operating Jobs that will Disappear

As technology and automation involves, the need to employ people to do manual, repetitive tasks is falling. Years ago a manufacturing plant may have had hundreds of people working on the production line to manufacture a product. These days the job can be done much cheaper and more efficiently by industrial robots. As time goes by therefore, more and more employees will be replaced by machines.

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