Top 5 Extinct Jobs in the Industry


Rise of technology and automated solutions, and the fact that demand for various goods changes dynamically causes some jobs to go extinct. We can make certain predictions about what professions will see a decline in the future, with some being replaces by machines or simply going extinct. The following are the top 5 extinct jobs from the recent years.

1. Switchboard Operators

Switchboard operators were in huge demand in the late 19th century up until the 1960s. Their main task was to put plugs in the correct jacks in order to connect the caller with the receiver. With the rise of telephone communication, there was no need to fill in this job anymore.

2. Factories Lectors

Lectors were employed to read to factory workers to entertain their routine days. This was particularly widely practiced in cigar factories in California and New York City. No need to mention here that this is definitely one of the extinct jobs nowadays.

3. Log Drivers

This example of extinct jobs dates back to late19th through to early 20th century when the easiest way to transport logs was to send them down the river. Drivers’ task was to remove any obstacles from logs way as well as free those that got stuck on the way.

4. Aircraft Listeners

This nowadays extinct job existed before radars were invented. Listeners were able to detect approaching aircrafts using acoustic mirrors and various listening devices. When the aircraft was heard, listeners would use an alarm to warn others.

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5. Automotive Industry

This is one of recent jobs in decline. Some suggest that the number of people employed in this sector will decrease by approximately 11% by 2018 in comparison with 2008. What could possibly cause that? More and more people decide not to have a car on environmental grounds. What’s more, China has a huge share in the automotive industry, causing a decline in its employment in countries such as USA, Germany and the UK. Regular customers also tend to postpone the purchase of their next car for longer than before.

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