Don’t Underestimate a Racking Inspection


Racking inspection is an essential task that needs to be carried out in order to ensure that racking is safe to use. Health & Safety Executive (HSE) also require the racking to be professionally checked at least once a year by an out-of-house expert. Neglecting this requirement means that you are not following the legislation and are in a much higher risk of damages that potentially dangerous racking can cause.

What does the expert look out for?

Technically competent person will know exactly what to look for. They will have taken an accredited course in order to be able to identify dangers. This course includes a variety of elements concerning racking itself and its potential issues. They will also be taught why inspections are important and why they are a legal requirement. Moreover, they will know what risks can come across and how to identify them. Racking can collapse for various reasons, and this expert would be able to identify any problems with your racking and save a lot of money, stress and potential employee injuries. Do not underestimate a proper racking inspection.

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Racking inspection checklist

Racking inspection checklist can comprise of the following:

  • Is end frame or front upright damaged?
  • Are uprights damaged or twisted?
  • Are beams damaged?
  • Is racking properly and safely fixed to the floor or is fixing unstable?
  • What do the shelves look like, are they all in good condition or are some missing?
  • Are racking protectors in place?
  • Are aisle barriers in place?
  • Do any of the elements require replacement?

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Racking inspection shouldn’t only be carried out because of it being a requirement by the authority. Monthly inspections should be a priority that can prevent accidents before they occur. This will help avoid costly damages, replacement of bigger parts of racking and loss of goods stored. Unstable racking can also cause accidents involving staff so it’s in your best interest to create a safer workplace by checking the condition of your racking regularly.

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