4 Most Stressful Jobs in Logistics


Various jobs come with different levels of stress. This in turn may not only impact your performance at work, but also the company, relationship with other staff and your personal life. Careers in logistics are often associated with higher pressure and stress levels compared with other jobs. This is obviously because as you are part of the bigger picture – supply chain, and many people depend on you. Scroll down to see 4 most stressful jobs in the industry.

The Most Stressful Jobs in the Industry:

  1. Distribution manager

As a distribution manager, you are be responsible for making sure the right items are in the right place and on a tight schedule. Tasks may include stock control and keeping an eye on warehouse organisation and its proper functioning. This job involves a lot of time spent working with other people. Stress comes from delays, liaising and negotiating with suppliers and customers. Problem-solving and communication skills are crucial to achieve success in this position. You need to be calm and not let the pressure affect your performance. Remember that you can always view it as good, positive stress!

  1. Warehouse operations manager

This role focuses on smooth warehouse running, as well as recruiting, training and disciplining employees. You are required to analyse current situation and predict future demands, prepare budget and improve operations. You are responsible for health and safety in a workplace and other aspects of wellbeing of your staff. This clearly means high levels of stress due to many responsibilities, both in terms of goods and human resources.

  1. Production manager

Another role, where managing people is a huge part of the job. You need to supervise staff, identify training needs and assess their performance. Making sure everyone follows health and safety procedures and keeps work to highest standard is also in your job description. You are involved in maintaining quality control of all produced goods. Overlooking health & safety, together with production, standards can have catastrophic effects, lead to huge losses or injuries if machinery isn’t used properly. No doubt here that this position is one of the most stressful jobs in logistics.

  1. Truck drivers

You wouldn’t expect to see a truck driver role to be one of the most stressful jobs in the industry, would you? A significant proportion of van drivers claim that their job negatively affects their lives at home. This is caused mostly by time constraints at work. Pressure to deliver goods within scheduled time slots causes drivers to go over the speed limit and drive for excessively long periods of time. One obvious consequence is greater tiredness and fatigue which may lead to accidents. This on one side negatively impacts the company if fines are incurred on them and drivers get suspended. Likewise, late working hours, delays and stress have a major negative impact on drivers’ personal lives.

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