Why is Engineering One of the Highest Paying Jobs?


Engineers become some of the highest paid professionals. Additionally, it is also one of the most secure positions in the working world. There are many reasons for this, including supply and demand issues. In this article we will be investigating engineering, why it is such a sought after degree discipline, and how an engineering student can secure one of the highest paying jobs.

An Engineering Degree is Very Difficult

One of the main reasons engineers become the best paid graduates is the difficulty of the subject itself. Engineering is hard. I mean, it is really hard. Not only does it require good understanding of conceptually hard scientific and mathematical topics. It also requires an exceptional work rate to keep on top of the intense workload. Whichever engineering discipline you study, each will require you to work to your limits.

Engineering graduates become ones of the most sought after. But it is not just the academic side which places engineers apart. Engineers tend to be good team workers, with great creative, organisational, communication and interpersonal skills. Whether or not an engineering graduate becomes an engineer or not, they often go on to take up leadership or management positions in an organisation.

An engineering degree is not for the faint hearted. Those who actually manage to make it through the 3-5 years of the degree are in a great position to secure one of the highest paying jobs in the sector.

Engineering is in Demand

Engineering is a discipline in large demand. Because of the difficulty of the course, not a lot of people end up doing it, meaning there is a major skills shortage in the industry. With competition for places so high, salaries only increase. This also means that engineering is one of the safest job disciplines out there. Engineering unemployment rates rank among the lowest in the country.

Engineers are integral to all kinds of businesses, including manufacturing, energy production and defence. They are needed to design things such as buildings and process plants, as well as problem solve on manufacturing sites.

Engineering graduates are also well in demand in many other sectors such as finance and law. After a student finishes an engineering degree, they are essentially an academic solver with good business acumen skills and experience in team work and leadership. These skills are valuable pretty much everywhere in the working world. Therefore engineering graduates often go into some of the most highest paying jobs out there.

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How an Engineer can Secure one of the Highest Paying Jobs

An engineering degree is a great avenue for success. However, the top engineering graduates won’t just rely on their degree. To ensure a successful career, build up a diverse CV. First and foremost, an engineering student should spend as much time as possible during their degree doing part-time work and extracurricular activities. Despite the complexity and challenge of an engineering degree, the most successful engineers are the ones with diverse experiences as well as skills such as teamwork and leadership. It is therefore very important that you develop these skills early on and throughout the degree. This makes you very attractive to prospective employers.

The other key to a successful career is to get work experience early. Yearlong work placements at engineering companies often become available which can be taken in-between the second and third/ third and fourth year of your engineering degree. I however would suggest trying to start even earlier than this. Try to get some engineering experience either in the summer before you start your degree or after the first year. Although this may not be an attractive option, consider writing to local companies and volunteering to intern unpaid for a summer. This will give you a real advantage over less experienced colleagues in your position applying for yearlong placements or graduate positions. By ensuring your CV is full and diverse, you are well on your way to securing one of the highest paying jobs.

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