This is Why You Need Proper Health and Safety Procedures


Health and safety procedures in a workplace are crucial for every business and every job your employees are send to. Although for most this is an obvious statement, there are still plenty of accidents that could have been prevented if it were for proper control measures and safety of machinery. Negligence can have serious effects, both in terms of injuries and financial costs to the company.

Health and Safety Executive is a public body responsible for regulation of health and safety procedures. It investigates industrial accidents, both small and large. And when the fault lays on the side of an employee, the company may be liable to pay thousands of pounds worth a fine.

Here’s how accidents happen

A recent example is an engineering company from West Midlands which was found guilty of insufficient procedures and fined £40,000. Additionally, they had to cover costs worth £2,270.56. The accident involved a worker whose task was to set up machinery for his next job. However, he slipped and his hand was crushed resulting in loss of three fingers. HSE concluded that the company failed to introduce a proper safety system. It also appeared that the company have not properly assessed the risks of using such machinery. As a result, it had to cover high costs, pay a fine and an employee was seriously injured.

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Similarly, a couple of years ago, a cable manufacturing company had to face a similar fine. In this case, due to unguarded machinery, their worker also suffered from injuries to the hand, with losing one finger. HSE found that dangerous parts of the machinery should have been accessed and were not properly guarded to prevent the accident.

Health and safety procedures – surveillance system

Health surveillance system is another important element of health and safety procedures. If HSE finds a company guilty of neglecting it, fines and costs will come into play. Understanding importance of health surveillance ensures that the right system is in place. This way when a worker complains about an issue, relevant decisions can be made and it’s more likely to prevent development of a serious condition. This is another example of how to keep your workers safe and prevent losses both in terms of staff and money.

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