This Is Why Material Handling Jobs Are The Most Dangerous


What comes to your mind when you think about the most dangerous jobs and professions? You most likely think about people who work at heights, use dangerous substances or heavy equipment. Many material handling professions tick at least one of these boxes and thus are some of the most dangerous jobs on the planet! Let’s have a closer look at some of them to understand why they are so risky.

Construction workers

  • Falling from heights – this can include falling from stairs and ladders as well as scaffoldings and roofs. Slippery surface is a great danger for construction workers. Which is why protective equipment, together with appropriate risk assessments are a must.
  • Excavation works – considered the most dangerous jobs when it comes to tasks performed by construction workers. You can minimise the risks by using protective equipment and adhering to all safety procedures.
  • Electricity – unprotected or insufficiently marked power lines are particularly hazardous for electric engineers and electricians. Use of insulation is crucial to prevent accidents and avoid being electrocuted.
  • Heavy materials – things often fall from great heights on a construction site. Likewise, people can be hit by moving vehicles and other material handling equipment.

Lorry drivers

  • Accidents – Long hours may lead to exhaustion and driving in such state is a very high risk factor. Add to it harsh road and weather conditions.
  • Changing tyres and emergency stops on highways expose drivers to the risk of being hit by another moving vehicle.
  • Roads generally become busier and more vehicles also mean higher risk of accidents.
  • Other drivers – whilst you can be responsible for your actions and predict your behaviour in certain situations, doing the same for the others is simply impossible.

Other professionals involved in material handling don’t have risk-free jobs either. Take forklift operators as an example. They need to be very careful not to cause any accidents involving pedestrians, palletised objects or those on high racking. Warehouse workers are constantly exposed to the risk of being injured by material handling equipment as well as vehicles bringing cargo. Manual material handling can cause all sorts of injuries. The most common include back pain and other problems of the skeletal system. Lifting heavy equipment, pushing, pulling and other manual tasks are the main causes of this.

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