4 Steps to a More Eco-Friendly Office


On the 22nd of April every year we celebrate Earth Day. This worldwide event was started in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, who wanted to address the important issue that is our environment. We shouldn’t obviously care about the environment just one day a year, but rather should implement a few simple ways of being more environmentally friendly. And workplace is no different!

1. Use recycling bins

Having recycling bins for various types of waste in as many parts of the workplace as possible is always beneficial. Remove individual bins from under the desks in office spaces to discourage throwing all waste together. Make cleaning staff sensitive about the subject and encourage them to use recycling bins correctly as well. You could also use posters, have team meetings and circulate emails that clearly show how to recycle properly. Make sure everyone understands what recycling symbols on their food containers and other materials mean for easier transition into a more environment-friendly workplace. Earth Day can be a great time to start implementing recycling rules!

2. Save paper and re-use office supplies

Make sure your employees know the importance of re-using office supplies, saving paper and using up all the other things to their fullest. Before buying full sets of new supplies, check whether you can exchange inks for more environmentally-friendly options, etc.

3. Opt for recycled materials and less packaging

Even though many businesses use mostly electronic correspondence, invoices and other documents, some use of paper is unavoidable. In such cases, use printing paper and envelopes made from recycled materials. To reduce shipping and emissions it produces, as well as packaging, buy supplies in bulk.

4. Cycle to work

Cycling to work is not only more eco-friendly than conventional commuting by car, but also has a positive impact on your health. If you don’t take our word for it, read this article. If weather conditions or any other reasons don’t allow for cycling, encourage car sharing amongst your staff. Some may not even realise they live in the same neighbourhoods or drive past other colleagues’ houses. Again, why not start on Earth Day?

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