Will a Mezzanine Floor Solve your Business Problems?


Mezzanine floors are a great way of enhancing the space of a rapidly expanding business. It is essentially an additional floor added into your already existing building, opening up a wealth of opportunities for storage or expansion. How can one enhance your expanding business?

Cheap Solution for an Expanding Business

As a business expands, it may want more space. Usually this comes in the form of extra floors or a larger building. But the cost of relocating a business can be large, and there is always the balance to consider between allocating space for future expansion and the cost of larger spaces. If you are reaching the limits of your current premises, a mezzanine floor provides a cheap, affordable and efficient solution to your current issues. Prices range around £80 – £130 per square meter, making the floor a much cheaper solution than moving premises.

What can a Mezzanine Floor be used for?

A mezzanine floor can be used for the same purposes as any other floor. Need more office space? More storage or production space? To enhance retail space? As long as you have at least 5m or more of available headroom, the floor can be installed. The design of the floor varies depending on its use, and so make sure you know exactly what you need it for and find a competent supplier to work on it.

When not to use a Mezzanine Floor

As useful and flexible as they are, mezzanine floors are not always the solution. A common example is when a company wants the floor for more storage space. Often a cheaper alternative existed by optimising their current floor space. If you are likely to be moving premises soon anyway, you can take the floor with you in some cases. However, as the floor is made up to unique specifications, this can only happen if your new premises allow the exact same specifications to be used. Additionally, the floors must be made up to comply with British standards. They are only suitable when this is possible.

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