Top 5 Tips to Set Up a Woodworking Shop


Woodworking workshops are the must have for any woodworking fanatic. Whether it is building new furniture or a piece of artwork, the workshop is integral for all your DIY needs. Setting one up can be difficult, but with the right tips and attitude, even the most inexperienced woodworker can easily get it done.

1. Optimise your Woodworking Fung Shui

A woodworking workshop can be a very personal thing. For some it is an enjoyable hobby, but for others it is a profession and a deep personal joy. Only you know what you what to use your workshop for. As such, you need to set up your workshop to suit your needs and your demeanour. Have a think about your likely workflow, what kind of things you will be making and the path you will take to making them.

2. Space Efficiency

A good woodworking shop will have plenty of different sections and zones to it, each for a different purpose. When adding all the benches, tools and utilities you need, the space is likely to start getting a bit camped. To keep an efficient and easy to use workshop, you need to optimise the space. Before building anything get a pen and paper and plot out different workshop orientations. Make sure the layout matches your requirements whilst making good use of the space you are working in.

3. Tool Access

A vital part of any woodworking activity is the use of tools. Easy and appropriate access to tools in your workshop is therefore a must. Have your tools hanging at head height for ease of access. Make use of spare walls around workstations to allocate your tools.

4. Storage Space

This depends on what you are building, but good storage space can come in handy for almost every woodworking workshop. You should store wood near the entrance so that you can easily gather and dump supplies as you enter. Allocate space for finished products and works in progress.

5. Prioritise the Workbench

The centrepiece of any workshop is the workbench. This is where you will be doing most of your work. The first step is to ensure you supply yourself with the best workbench. The second step is to build the workshop around it. You might also decide to build a workbench yourself. In that case make sure you don’t make these 10 mistakes! And if you are still not sure whether to build or to buy a workbench, read this to clear your mind.

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