Need Warehouse Space? See These 5 Best Locations!


Success of the business depends largely on choosing the right warehouse space. There are multiple factors to consider when looking for the best location. Probably the most obvious is costs. Market research on price comparison in different areas of the city or even country is an important planning step. What largely matters is also distance that goods need to travel in order to reach customers. Not to forget about staff, poorly populated regions or locations to which employees will have to commute for too long aren’t usually best options. Warehouse layout, available space and cubic capacity all vary depending on the profile of your business. There are some generally great locations across the UK and the world that are renowned for being attractive for various sorts of warehouse space.

  1. London Gateway Logistics Park

Advertised as “The UK’s most integrated, flexible logistics development centre”, this logistics park has some serious benefits to offer anyone who decides to re-locate their business . Let’s start with its superb location. Situated just outside London, it also has great infrastructure and rail, as well as road and sea connections (London Gateway Port) with other cities and even countries. It allows for trying out existing facilities before you fully commit to building your own warehouse. And when you do decide, a team of experts will help you find or design the best possible space accompanied by a planning consent in under 28 days and flexible leasing. Existing, ready to occupy space available is as big as 316,000 sq feet and bespoke space can be anything between 100,000 and 200,000 sq feet.

  1. Midlands Logistics Park

Midlands Logistics Park (MLP) is another strategic location to accommodate your warehouse or distribution centre. Situated in Corby, Northamptonshire, it has great road and rail connection with East Coast Ports and markets across the UK. Journey times have already improved thanks to a newly dwelled A43 link road, which reduced travel time to A14, with further improvements ahead. Corby’s and surrounding areas’ populations have substantially grown in recent years what is a clear indicator of increased labour pool as well as the demand for it. Logistics sector is clearly of great importance in the region, as local colleges now offer special courses related to this business sector. Moreover, eligible businesses in MLP could receive funding for development from several organisations. MLP also offers substantially lower rent for new industrial space as compared with Milton Keynes (36% saving per sq feet).

  1. Antwerp, Rotterdam, Brussels & Dusseldorf Warehouse Space

Those in manufacturing and distribution businesses, should look into traditional European hubs. Dutch and German cities offer great infrastructure. They also come with highly skilled labour pool, close proximity to the majority of big European cities and other benefits that make up a favourable business environment. When it comes to distance, time and how many people can be reached, let’s take Antwerp as an example. From here, approximately 143 million consumers are within just a 9 hour lorry drive. Rich regions also mean higher number of potential customers.

  1. SMART Logistics Centre Venlo

Venlo was the best location for logistics businesses in 2016 and there are several significant reasons behind it. Its accessibility and location allows for easy transport to and from European markets and ports. Close proximity of international airports is another benefit. It also offers innovative and sustainable solutions taking climate into consideration. What’s more, this logistics centre doesn’t just offer great opportunity for warehouse space, but also training and education, with focus on constant development of crucial skills. It focuses on branches of logistics such as electronics, E-fulfilment, fashion, food and fresh produce, as well as flowers.

  1. Emerging logistics hubs

With the logistics expansion over the past few decades and its continued growth, logistics hubs are also on the rise. In the U.S. main locations for warehouse space include Philadelphia, Seattle and Florida. Pacific Asia is dominated by the Chinese hubs: Beijing, Suzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou. North of England, the Netherlands and Germany are also growing. They are very likely to attract more businesses due to their strategic locations, great infrastructure and business development opportunities.

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