11 Great Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts


With Christmas just around the corner, it’s about time you got those last few gifts ticked off the list. With it so close to the big day, it can be hard to find good presents. Shops are running out of stock, delivery times are getting longer and longer, it can be hard to get a good gift around this time of year. So why not try your hand at making a DIY gift? Here’s a list of 11 great DIY Christmas gifts.

DIY Fort

Some people say adults are too old to enjoy building forts. I am not one of these people. But if you are I guess you could make this for your kids/young relatives.

Whoever you are making it for, the homemade fort is an excellent and fun way to make a gift. If you are an engineer, even better! Spend hours coming up with innovative ways to build the structure, create some initial blueprints and do some calculations, you can turn it into a nice little project to keep yourself occupied during the Christmas break. You can find instructions to build a portable DIY fort here.

Magnetic Clothing

Ever thought it would be fun to be a walking magnet?…

I guess not. There’s no doubt that magnets are cool though. The only logical use for them is to make magnetic clothing! Maybe don’t wear it to the office, but its great for novelty wear! Here is a guide to make a magnetic wristband.

Leather Tool Pouch

The DIY gift to help with your DIY needs (DIY2?). A leather toolpouch like this would be great for holding tools, and makes the perfect gift for any DIY savvy person. Click here for a guide on how to make it.

Sharpie mug

Probably one of the most last minute DIY Christmas gifts on the list. None the less, a good, personalised mug is always nice, and very easy to procure if you only have, say, just an hour to get a gift.

DIY Drone

On the other end of the spectrum, next in our list of 11 best DIY Christmas gifts might take a bit longer than last minute. I’ve already spoken about the extreme coolness of drones, making your own would be the ultimate project and a great gift. You can find more info on DIY drones here.

Travel Bag


One thing which is always useful is a travel bag, whether it’s a weekend away or work ‘team-building’ holiday. Whatever the scenario, a homemade travel bag would be a great and useful gift. Find out how to make your own here.

Wood Slab Table

A DIY gift for the more art savvy among us (this kind of thing is minimalist, right?). Not only is it a useful and quirky table, it’s also a cool project to work on. Find out how to make your own here.


I can imagine most you reading this article are office workers. Why not personalise a friends workspace with a DIY mousepad. Find out how to make your own here.

Homemade Clock

Clocks are always useful. They can tell the time, they can…. Be nice to look at….

Anyway, clocks are another cool and quirky DIY gift which you can use as much creativity for as you like. You can make clocks out of pretty much any circular things you want: a dart board, a plate or even a Frisbee.

Charging station

One of the more useful DIY gifts, a charging station is a great idea if you are needing a gift for a friend with many devices. Find out how to make one here.

Polaroid Magnets

Last on the list of 11 great DIY Christmas gifts is Polaroid magnets. I spoke before about the coolness of magnets. Here is a magnet-themed gift which is a bit less extreme than the last. Polaroid magnets can also inject a bit of personal creativity wherever they are going to be used. Find out how to make them here.

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