Engineering Career – Which One to Choose?


In the modern world, where development and innovations are constantly required, so are engineers. From construction, through chemistry as well as medical industries and tons of other specialties, engineering degree is the key to success. In the past, there used to be just a handful of options with various specialties. But how does it look like today? It’s as easy as to search any university’s prospectus and you will see dozens and dozens of different engineering degrees. It’s fantastic to have such a choice but how would you know which engineering career is right for you? Here we hardly make that decision for you, but rather try to point out a few ideas, which may be of help.

Passion and what excites you

If you think about it, we spend 5 days a week working, which adds up to two third of a year being in a work mode. Do you really want to spend that much time doing something you hate? Doubt that. Have you ever met people who can talk about their job for ages, their eyes almost literally glowing when they speak of their latest projects? Not to that extent maybe but you want to be at least close to that person.

What blogs are you reading on a regular basis, what YouTube channels are you following? It might not be anything relevant but in many cases it will at least show what you are interested in. Maybe you like reading about medical robots or impressive construction projects? Find what excites you the most. It might not necessarily  be something you’ve put a great deal of thought in before. But passion will definitely help you stay motivated and will make your university experience easier and Monday mornings at work not so dull.

How to combine your wants and needs with an engineering career

Let’s say you have vaguely decided what engineering career path to pursue but have other dreams and plans. Wishing to work from the office or instead move around a lot, travel more often or have a more settled life? You can incorporate it all. Being a field engineer will let you have a mostly out-of-office lifestyle moving around between sites. Wanting to have a new experience in a foreign country? Consider applying for Engineered without Boarders (EWB), who work on incredible projects in developing countries.

Civil engineering

If you are the one to enjoy design and construction, civil engineering career may be the right path for you. Not only is it the oldest branch of engineering, but also an extremely diverse one. There are many specialisations within this discipline it is just incredible! They include construction, structural, land, environmental and other engineering branches. Education includes a lot of components from mathematics and physics.

Computer engineering

Computer engineers work to develop computer software and hardware, depending on specialisation. It is an ever developing field and requires professionals to keep track of advancements. You could find yourself working on information security, which includes coding, cryptography and development of new ways to protect information. Other paths include wireless networks and design of operating systems. Another exciting field is improvement of computer systems and development of algorithms and theories, as well as improved communication between computers and humans for use in various industries.

Chemical Engineering

For those considering degrees other than engineering, such as life sciences or chemistry, chemical engineering is definitely worth looking at. It focuses on using chemical materials for practical purposes. It’s a great opportunity for those with multiple interests, as it combines chemistry, as well as mathematics and other sciences. Special areas of interests also include reaction engineering, plant design and development or transfer of heat, mass and energy.

Biological engineering

Biological engineering, also called bioengineering, deals with applications of biology to solve problems using engineering. In industrial aspect, organs and tissues can be generated in the field of science known as regenerative medicine. It also deals with genetically-modified organisms. This area is closely related to nano- and biotechnology. So if you are passionate about biology, in particular on a molecular level, this is surely an interesting and rewarding discipline!

Other engineering degrees

If options mentioned above don’t necessarily speak to you, don’t worry! There are other engineering disciplines available. Electrical or electronic engineering might suit you if you are interested in how electronic devices work. Mechanical engineering is no doubt an exciting career path as well. If you are interested in robotics or nanotechnology and want to see where current technologies are going, that might be a perfect option! And remember, engineers are in demand by the biggest companies and research takes place in best teaching institutions and centres. It provides fantastic opportunities to develop skills and network with other like-minded people. You could also find yourself travelling to the most exotic places and make life-long friendships all around the world – something that not every job has to offer.

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