Rack repairs: should you repair or replace pallet racking?


Racking systems are the inherent element of any warehouse. There are numerous aspects to consider while designing the perfect pallet racking that ticks all the boxes for your business. But racking isn’t a one off purchase. At least not in most cases. Despite rack protectors, dynamic nature of warehouses means that damages occur even if the employees follow all the rules. The most widely known reasons for damage are racking overloads and damage caused by forklifts. They can cause potentially dangerous situations for personnel or cause further damage of stored goods. It thus must be assessed, reported, clearly marked and excluded from use and then replaced. But there are various companies on the market offering rack repairs that are a cheaper and easier solution if damage is of certain size and character.

To replace or to repair?

Depending on the damage, replacement can be the only plausible option. In many cases it is the best solution for health and safety reasons. Situations, in which repair is hardly an option, include significant damage of either side of the rack and multiple damages in various places. Also, when you realise your current system doesn’t fit your needs anymore, this could be a reason for the damage in the first place.

Why decide to repair?

When replacement isn’t necessary and it’s up to you whether you want it, repair may be a more beneficial option. For start, it means that there is less interruption to normal operation of the warehouse. Repair usually requires some unloading, but not all of the loads. However, some companies can carry out repairs without the need to removing any goods from the racks whatsoever. Thanks to that, the business doesn’t suffer from much disruption. It makes the whole process more time-effective and the damaged rack is back in use much faster. When installing new racking means getting new shipping elements, such as uprights, repair of damaged fragments is definitely a better and more cost-effective solution. Another benefit of rack repairs is that it is a more environment-friendly option, with reduction of carbon footprint.

Standard rack repairs

Most companies that offer rack repairs replace damaged fragment. How does it work? After an assessment, a trained specialist cuts out a damaged fragment. A new part is mounted to the existing structure, which then replaces the removed element. New column is stronger and robust, giving extra protection from recurrent damage. Units that are used for repair purposes are customisable and available in various colours and painted or galvanised finishes to suit your warehouse. In cases where warehouse location is within seismic areas, special reinforcements apply as well as seismic foot plates. For special types of racking, such as cantilevered racks, repair options are also available. In this case rack keeps its original configuration. Restoration of loading capacity means that racking is suitable for original purposes it had.

Innovative repairs

There are also other ways to repair damaged uprights. Rather than replacing damaged elements, if suitable, you can be bring it back to its original state. This, of course, all depends if a specialist assessing damage agrees that the option is suitable. This process is even more time-efficient than standard techniques. Additional benefits include cost-effectiveness and further minimisation of work disruption. Application of hydraulic pressure helps restore the shape and loading capacity of the damaged rack. This process works in three dimensions and thus is highly accurate. This patented method conforms to safety requirements. Depending on the damage, the repair can be carried out in just under half an hour, meaning that many rack repairs can be performed in a single day.

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