7 Reasons to Get a Career in Construction


Huge skyscrapers, bridges, houses, hospitals and many other structures – they are all the result of very hard work. What makes people decide to be a part of the construction industry? Are you considering one of these career pathways or are not entirely sure about it? Here are 7 reasons, which will make you love the industry even more and get a career in construction!

  1. It’s on display for everyone

To see a painting one needs to go to an art gallery or a museum. This requires some interest and effort. With architecture it’s a bit of a different situation. It doesn’t need to be planned because it surrounds you wherever you go. Even those who are not especially interested in construction and design will see your building. Now it’s your job to make them stop and admire it for longer!

  1. It has a profound affect on landscape

An example that immediately comes to mind is Dubai. About quarter of a century ago what now is one of the most impressive city skylines, was a dessert. Dubai’s urban development started with a few constructions in the middle of nowhere. With time, more and more buildings were constructed and the city still keeps growing, with construction sites being a very common image. Looking at huge skyscrapers and a number of people living there now, it is hard to believe how many changes the city has gone through. Another example is Shanghai, which changed dramatically in just a short period of time between 1990 and 2010. Other examples of enormous impact of architecture on landscape are London, Tokyo and Las Vegas, the last one with slightly slower changes but no doubt notable.

  1. It changes lives and impacts economy

Once a building is constructed and the job is done it would still continue to have an impact on people who live there and run their businesses. Let’s look at a University Hospital in Mirebalais in Haiti. Built in 2013, it was one of the biggest projects after 2010 earthquake. Back then, Haiti suffered a huge loss of people and infrastructure, including medical institutions. Many required medical attention and also economy was in need of repair. The hospital, other than having an obvious impact on improved healthcare, helps with economy in one of the least developed regions of the country. It created jobs for approximately 800 local people, who were then become able to afford shopping in local stores boosting the economy. Input into hospital results in further push into economy of Haiti: transportation and infrastructure, education, manufacturing and other industries. Re-building the country after the earthquake was made possible by the hard work of Haitians and helping organisations.

  1. Career in construction is never boring

Working in construction is never mundane! It’s not a standard 9-5 job where you sit in a tiny cubicle and do the same thing over and over again. Here, every day is different and full of exciting opportunities. You’ll see new challenges every day that make this job so rewarding. Each project is different, so no chance for a burnout or a boring work in this industry. Still not convinced a career in construction is worth it? Let’s continue!

  1. It helps utilise your skills and develop new ones

The set of skills you have as an engineer is quite impressive. Attention to detail is probably the most valuable skills you must possess. You know how to design and calculate the smallest things and why they are so crucial. Because human lives depend on you – one tiny error and a bridge falls apart after a month of standing. And all the amazing computer programs that help you? Well, it requires some serious skills to know how to use them! And you learn every day. From each project, from your colleagues and by trying to get where you want to be.

  1. It’s a collaborative industry

As mentioned above, you can learn from other members of your team. Engineering isn’t a one person job. It takes people just like you, a passionate team to design and built a school, a warehouse or a bridge. And each and every member of the team is highly valued. Collaboration helps fix problems by bringing different points of view together. Networking on construction sites is what makes it all come together. And like in any job, you’ll meet some people that can make you go crazy but at the end of the day what counts is that you all had a contribution to the project.

  1. It’s a career you can build

Construction brings various people together: architects, engineers, even lawyers. There are many opportunities for any professional, who wants to develop a good career in construction. With time and commitment you can always advance into higher positions. You can even start your own successful company or take your skills elsewhere. These skills that you gain through education and practical use are easily transferrable. It is a way of building a meaningful career. Like being part of the team that helped with building a hospital in Haiti. Or working on houses or skyscrapers that provide space for businesses. Or travel to different parts of the world and work on construction projects there if that’s what you are passionate about. There is no limit to what you can do!

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