Innovation is the engine of progress


Innovation is the word of the century. Nothing stays the same for long anymore. We constantly hear about new iPhones being released, robotic systems implemented in warehouses and stores, new scientific discoveries and hundreds of other things. And whilst we do sometimes complain about the quick rate at which everything is progressing at the same time we know innovation always brings a positive change.

How many lives have innovative projects saved? Anything you could think of was once just a random thought in someone’s head before becoming a discovery. Just look at the technology used in the medical industry. How many people are now able to walk, run and live a fully active life due to prosthetics developed by engineers? Paralympics wouldn’t even exist without this break-through. Or think about air bags in cars, MRI scanners in hospitals and the ability with which a worried mother can easily find her child using a ‘Find my iPhone’ app. We take all of this for granted and consider it a norm. But all this came to life in just the past 50 years.

Engineers and inventors save lives, both physically and through the applications of their work. Let’s not devalue their achievements. Interestingly enough inventors rarely know what they are looking for in an experiment. Most of the major and life-changing inventions happened by accident. For instance, there is a legend that Dmitri Mendeleev, the inventor of the periodic table, saw it in a dream. He never confirmed nor denied it but there is some truth behind every lie.

Apart from everything that has been mentioned above, innovation is essential to business survival, economic growth and competitive advantage. It is the only way to develop new products and services, put new ideas into physical states and achieve greater results. Another advantage for businesses would be higher revenues and potentially higher profits arising from public’s interest in their products. In the long term innovation is vital to society’s progress and survival – the history of the world is the main example of constant innovation.

Now is the best and arguably the easiest time to put ideas into objects. The technological progress is quicker than ever and all the already existent advancements are at your disposal. However, at the same time and for the exact same reason it becomes harder to come up with something potentially revolutionary and stay afloat in the ocean of competitors.

But don’t let this stop you! There will always be a yesterday with old ideas and a tomorrow with future possibilities.

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