5 inventions that changed the world


We can’t stop emphasising that most things we own and use on a daily basis we take for granted. But many if not all of these things were once just a wild thought in someone’s head. Let’s look at five inventions that are nothing out of the ordinary now but changed the world in their day.

  1. Wheel

Yes, a wheel was once also non-existent. And its invention in 3500 BC helped agriculture and commerce to develop and grow, as it enabled an easier way of transporting goods. Look around yourself now – we use wheels everywhere: from clocks to cars.

  1. Paper

Who would have thought paper is 2000 years old? As many other items, it was developed in ancient China during the Han Dynasty and later starting spreading to the West. Before real paper came along the Chinese were using papyrus, parchment and palm leaves instead but these were very expensive and in short supply and searching for other types of writing materials was a necessity. Paper made from wood was much cheaper and could be easily produced in large quantities.

  1. Penicillin

Hard to believe but penicillin was only discovered in 1928 by a Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming. After conducting numerous experiments he was finally able to show that if penicillium fungi were grown in the right conditions it would develop antibiotic properties. After the discovery other chemists purified this substance and developed a drug called Penicillin. In 1944 the first batch of the drug was mass-produced and instantly had a major success.

  1. Light bulb

The creation of a light bulb is usually credited to Thomas Edison as he developed a fully functional lighting system. However, a few dozen other inventors were working on light bulbs at the same time so it could be considered as group effort.

  1. World Wide Web

The WWW is the number one on our list for a reason – it really did change the world for everyone. Companies took commerce business to a whole new ‘e’ level, regular people’s lives became a lot easier since the Internet holds so much information that not a single library in the world could be compared to it. And yes, there are some downturns here as well, as many of us are addicted to tech and Internet but nothing can be solely beneficial.

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