Top 5 automated warehouses


Automated warehouses are not news in the logistics industry and many market leaders have already implemented automated systems to pick out and sort orders, eliminate any errors and make the whole process run smoothly. Don’t believe us? Look at these five warehouse giants!

  1. IKEA

The well-known Swedish home products manufacturer, IKEA, has been using automated warehouses for a while now. With almost every single house on the planet owning at least one piece of furniture from IKEA, it is quite clear why they decided to implement automation systems in their distribution centres – the clients are happy and the company is as profitable as ever.

  1. Nike

Nike’s European distribituion centre called ‘Distribuzione’ (which literally means distribution in Italian) uses a 280m long loop sorter for all kinds of inbound and outbound orders. No wonder you can get new Nike shoes in just a few days in any part of Europe.


The giant e-commerce platform Amazon is also part of the automated warehouses party. The company has distribution and fulfilment centres all over the world, including 10 in Asia, 20 in Europe and 18 in America. With such a great number of massive warehouses implementing automation systems in all of them would have probably bankrupted the business but they still do have a certain degree of automation and will potentially become fully autonomous soon.

  1. UPS Worldport

© WFIU Public Radio

© WFIU Public Radio

The worldwide hub for UPS is located in Kentucky and handles 84 parcels per second (!). Imagine how many people the company would have to employ to pack these many orders if they didn’t have an automation system installed.

  1. Coca cola

Coca cola has a giant warehouse serving the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). It is a fully automated storage space for their produce, which is then later shipped to local warehouses. Judging by the availability of coca cola in every single shop around Europe we could say the automation system is working pretty well.

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