Cloud-based design is the future of manufacturing


The Interest and all the IT advancements are not only changing the lives of regular people and their daily routines but effect the ways work is now done. The new thing on everyone’s lips is the ‘cloud’ and when it comes to engineering and manufacturing cloud-based design can be extremely helpful.

What does it mean? Cloud-based design allows different people to adjust the drawing in real time – so there is no need to send dozens of emails with corrections, and being afraid of someone else fixing the exact same issue. Cloud computing also allows for a lot of flexibility to be experienced by engineers – they can work at any time and from any location. This web tool is both productive for manufacturers and appealing to consumers. Plus it is also safer as any work would always be saved in the cloud and spilling soup on your laptop is not going to lead to loss of data.

Automobile and aerospace industries are benefitting from these new web tools a lot more than others. Cloud computing in these industries allows several people to work in the virtual space and simultaneously collaborate on a single project, adjust any changes straight away and customise the product to some great extents. This has a full potential of becoming revolutionary in the world of custom-made and client orientation. Similar to the way 3D printing can produce fully customisable products aimed at just one specific customer, same can happen with cloud computing. If talking about the automobile industry, cars can be manufactured in order to satisfy every customer’s need and want and there would be no time wasted on remaking the product.

There is small chance that the global automakers will be customised every single car since the whole point is in the mass production but specific manufacturers, such as race car businesses can benefit a lot from cloud computing. For example, Briggs Automotive Company already uses CBDM to manufacture single-seated sports cars that are specifically made to fit all the customer’s measurements – it is literally like buying custom-made clothes that will fit you like nothing else. And in this sense customisation is not only about making the car look like a picture but improving the safety of the driver. If the car is made-to-measure you can be sure everything suits you perfectly.

With so many things available on the market, it is quite hard to impress customers with new details. However, cloud-based design might just be it – both for manufacturers to work in a better ‘virtual’ environment and for consumers to purchase fully customised products that express their individuality.


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