Why do we need to invest in girls’ education?


Girls and women are consistently being underrepresented and undervalued in many professions and industries but especially in science and engineering. The gender gap is incredibly big and despite all the efforts is not shrinking down.

Thankfully, in the western countries girls now have the same access to all levels of education as boys and no laws or regulations are stopping them from having a career in whatever subject they prefer. However, this is far from reality in the developing world, where it is already good enough if girls can go to a primary school. The society needs to address these issues as any child regardless of their gender and background should have an opportunity to be educated.

When it comes to girls, benefits of them being educated are truly endless. On a personal level, educated young women are more likely to protect themselves and their children better, raise the kids in a healthier way, and be prepared for life in general. If looked at from a country’s perspective, each new level of education girls go through increases the potential salary they might be getting and thus, also increases the GDP of that given country, and allows for more skilled workers to occupy designated positions. It is cynical for industries to speak about lack of skilled workers and underemployment and not to offer any jobs to women.

On a more personal level, it is not just about building more schools and providing opportunities for further education but changing attitudes as well. Girls quite frequently have to quit school in order to help out at home because their parents don’t understand the true value of education. Thus, if a girl is educated she would be more likely to educate her children as well.

Overall, educating a girl means educating the whole nation. When both a boy and a girl have been to school it creates an educated family, in which children would also follow in their parents’ footsteps.

On a professional level, women with higher education can occupy executive positions in large companies and this is exactly what the world needs. Both male and females minds need to be exploited in order for individual businesses and the industry as such to succeed.

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