5 great inventors you have never heard of


Everybody knows about Thomas Edison and his light bulb invention, Nikola Tesla, Karl Benz and many-many other famous inventors and engineers. But when it comes to the things we see and use on a daily basis we never realise that someone is also responsible for the creation of that product.

  1. Thomas Adams – chewing gum

While working for the former Mexican leader Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Thomas Adams noticed that he always chewed chicle – a natural gum ingredient collected from trees. That gave him an idea of creating chewing gum and after trying to use it for tires, rain boots and toys he finally managed to formulate chewing gum as we know it today.

  1. Garrette Morgan – hair straightener and gas mask

Garrette Morgan was one of the most prolific inventors of his time – only having gone to primary school he nonetheless made multiple creations, such as the hair straightener, gas masks, traffic signals and many others.

  1. Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes – the bubble wrap

The favourite toy of all, the bubble wrap, was created by a mistake by two entrepreneurs who initially wanted to design a plastic wallpaper but realised that it makes a better use as a packaging material. The two of them later founded their own company selling bubble wrap, Sealed Air Corporation.

  1. Clarence Birdseye – frozen food

If you can’t remember where you heard of Birdseye, look into your freezer. Clarence Birdseye came up with a way of freezing food in a quicker way that still kept the taste good and fresh. He is the one who we should thank for quick dinner meals.

  1. John Walker – matches

Being a chemist, Walker created a paste that would light up when struck against a rough surface and eventually started selling it in 1824. But since he never thought of patenting his invention, Sir Isaac Holden took over Walker’s work and became famous from it.

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