4 main reasons you should build a PC


Building a computer all by yourself might seem too complicated but at the same time it gives you plenty of advantages and opportunities to have a computer the exact way you want it and for the purpose you choose. Truth be told, if you only use a computer for web browsing, Netflix and Word then buying a pre-built model would be your best choice. But if you are a passionate game player or need a proper desktop computer for other purposes then scroll down below to let us convince you to build a PC!

1. Full control

Setting up your own computer allows you to control every step of the way, from the budget to the choice of components. Depending on the purpose of the PC, you might decide to spend more money on certain parts and less on the others – all according to your preference. The sales assistants hardly ever know what brands were used to build a particular computer and doing it all by yourself allows you to hand-pick the components fro the manufacturers you trust.

2. Save a fortune

Since you can now decide which components you are willing to spend more money on, you can save up a fortune if you shop around and look for the best deals. All in all, you can build a PC at a much lesser cost and with a much stronger power supply than those available in stores.

3. Customisation

Building a computer yourself is the ultimate way of customising the finished product. With most pre-built models there is hardly a possibility of upgrading the hardware but when you build it all from scratch you can change any component at any point. This applies to every single part inside the computer: want to upgrade a CPU or change a graphics card? No problem. The flexibility is probably one of the main aspects of building your own computer – most PCs come with multiple USB slots, HDMI ports and other built-in slots, which you might never need to use. Building your own computer allows you to use that too-many-slots space for something more convenient to you.

4. Save some nerve cells

If any of your electronic devices have ever broken down you know what we are talking about – after those two hours being on hold they ask you if you’ve tried turning the device off and on again when the problem is clearly in the hardware. Whilst simply calling one phone number no matter what the problem is might be the best solution for many people, you know that you’ll waste a lot of time on the phone and might even be convinced to spend extra money on other, later found to be useless, services. When you build a PC yourself you can change any component when and if it breaks down. Saves time, money and the nerve cells (that cannot be recuperated!).

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