Battle between science and engineering – or maybe there is no battle at all?


Aren’t scientists the ones whose names are either being judged or valued, but nonetheless mentioned in a conversation at least once? Science has the power of both saving the world and destroying it. Take the examples of the first atomic bomb or military technologies – their creators were too proud of the achievements to look at the greater consequences of these weapons harming people.

Since the early times there was always a scientist with a messianic goal to help others and his evil twin – the scientist who in the end turns out to be the reason of a catastrophe. And this is not just a plot for a movie, this is real life. But nothing is just black and white in this world, including science. It is not so easy to choose the ‘save the world’ side and work for it. Scientists are constantly pressured by the economy and politics: Left wing would seem to support progressive ideas but only sees bad and ugly in the results whereas the Right is too conservative to even think of encouraging scientists to do their ‘powerful spells’ and invent a solution for one of the major issues in the world.

There are more problems on this planet than we can imagine: energy availability, poverty, nuclear weapons, terrorism, climate change and quite a few others. Which obviously leads to what we are experiencing nowadays: constant repetitions of the words sustainability, green ‘something’ and eco-friendly. We all talk about it but nothing is really being done to make the planet greener and better.

So, all in all, we cannot say that the world is now a healthier and safer place to live. There are a lot of prizes and competitions being held for scientists (Just think of the Nobel prize!) and a lot of discoveries are being made as well but all this has nothing to do with actual work to save the planet. Scientists have had their chance to play it right, now is the time for engineers to step in. What we need to do is to assemble teams of scientists and engineers of various fields to work together. Two minds are always better than one, especially if these minds come from different industries. The work of both scientists and engineers is important and they have to unite in order to save this planet!

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