Miss Possible – making science possible for girls


We’ve talked a lot about engineering companies working closely with schools, proving training, workshops and apprenticeships but this has just taken it to a whole new level! In 2013 two university students came up with an idea of how to inspire young girls to enjoy science classes and pursue engineering careers in the future.

Marie Curie doll

The project serves a greater purpose of overcoming gender stereotypes. By taking female scientists that made a difference in the world and turning them into baby dolls young girls can have just the right role models from the early stages. You can buy a physical doll and then use an app to play ‘a scientist’. Educational and fun – children love it!

Having similar attributions as a Barbie doll, this toy might also change lives of many young girls to the better! Barbie is a perfect example of what the world thinks of girls – tall, skinny, pretty with love for shopping, make-up and do not forget that Barbie is blond and we all know the blondes stereotypes. As a toy for children Miss Possible is just as good as a Barbie doll but it also aids a much better goal of showing girls that great women were all once children, exploring the world and enquiring about everything around.

Most little girls have pink bedrooms, lots of Barbie dolls and their parents referring to them as ‘my little princess’. Having Miss Possible around can help them understand that becoming a scientist can be just as great as being a princess. This way little girls also become accustomed to gender equality and can believe that anything is possible for them!

This doll can also be a great present for a little boy! Living in the world of stereotypes, we are used to the thought of a man being hard-core, masculine and rational. Whilst getting a Barbie for a boy is probably a little bit over the top, Miss Possible toys would be highly educational and engaging even for boys.

We think this is a brilliant idea! Don’t miss a chance to change the life of your child for the better!

Images: Miss Possible http://www.bemisspossible.com

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