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This article is the first part of a two-part series on workforce. The second one is here.

The most effective method of increasing the workforce in construction and manufacturing industries is attracting younger generations. Whilst many of us understand that, we do not always follow the best techniques.

Working with schools, offering insight days, work placements and open visits to sites – these are the primary tools the industry needs to use to attract more talents. But just visiting a school once a year will not be enough. Read through these tips to keep it as impactful as possible:

  • Send a younger employee to the school talk – children need someone they can relate to, not a 50-year-old project manager.
  • Make an insight day an exciting journey kids will remember – show them things they can touch and play with, not simply listen to others talk.
  • Keep the schools collaboration constant and all year round!
  • Do not underestimate the impact of construction sites visits – students tend to change their future plans as a result of it.
  • Do not just hold careers fairs, provide children and students with an opportunity to directly engage with a project and understand what the industry is really about!

My Kinda Future is a perfect example of successful campaigns that followed these tips. For example, a recent campaign with Crossrail was aimed at girls becoming more interested in engineering and the five final winners of the competition each got a personal mentor for a year. The Chartered Institute of Building is currently having a challenge of designing a plan for a leisure centre improvements for a cash prize! Check the details here.

My Kinda Future not only helps students with getting industry insights but is also highly useful for employers in their search for new talents. Working with a great number of various companies they hold presentations, career insight days and workshops for students to explore different industries and choose the right career path. Most challenges and competitions offer a chance of winning a work placement (again, beneficial for both the student and the company) or even a few thousand pounds to go towards their tuition fees. They have been successfully working with GE Aviation, National STEM Centre and British Science Association.

Watch out for the second part of this post on how to keep your employees happy – on Thursday the 10th!

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