5 Inspiring TED Talks that prove the good use of robotics


It is all about robotics these days – these machines are practically pushing people out of jobs. But let’s not be so pessimistic – robots do indeed benefit the society! Scroll down and see for yourself – the robots can save lives in disasters, help out in warehouses, fight in battlefields and teach children!

1. Saving lives in disasters

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University, Robin Murphy, builds a robot that can crawl, swim and even fly – all to help out in disasters and save more lives.

2. Packing your online shopping

Mick Mountz, CEO of Kiva Systems, unveils the mystery behind what’s actually happening in the warehouses: turns out it’s the robots that pick and pack the things you ordered.

3. Drone on a leash

Aerial robotics researcher, Sergei Lupashin, demonstrates a drone on a leash – a new completely safe way of getting high quality footage of anything happening: a nature disaster, protests and demonstrations or anything else that needs a closer look at.

4. Changing realities of combat

The use of robots for military purposes might change a lot of things in terms of how war is handled. P.W. Singer, a military analyst, shows how robots can change the future of war – sounds futuristic but looks quite real!

5. Teaching our children

Listen to Cynthia Breazeal, a head of a robotics group at MIT, talking about how robots can be used in our daily lives, including teaching children.

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