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Manufacturing is probably one of the most innovative industries, constantly designing and creating new gadgets and devices. Let’s look at the latest developments.

Virtual reality

Oculus Rift is one of the most talked about high tech toys these days. It is like watching a 3D movie but even better: you can use it while playing online games, watching a TV show or looking at pictures of a deserted island – and you will feel as if you are there. The company promises no one has ever experiences anything similar to this. Add it to your Christmas wish list?
Smart watches

Tablets and iPods have to move along because a new toy is out in the market now: the Apple iWatch. Since its release everyone has been crazy about getting one. But the innovations do not stop here, Android is supposed to bring even better smart watches by the end of the year. Whilst they can only do certain things for now, soon we will have a watch that can fully replace a smartphone: with a SIM card and all the technological advances of a phone.


The drone trend has been new and popular last year but now watching one fly is nothing but common. However, there have been talks about putting drones to a better real-life use. Amazon has been successfully utilising them for quite a while now and maybe soon you will see a drone at your doorsteps instead of the mailman.

3D printing

Since the first release of a 3D printer it has been developed further and not long ago a first 3D printed drug was approved by the FDA. 3D printing technologies are now being used in industrial and commercial areas as well. It is supposed to become more widespread next year and we might even find ourselves going to a store to print out a new iPhone case soon.


Robotic vacuum cleaners are not news to anyone but a fully robotic kitchen is. Designed by Moley Robotics, a fully automated kitchen can be a master chef in your home. Choose a dish in the library and the robotic arms will make it as delicious and accurate as in a Michelin Star restaurant. More about its wonderful abilities – here.

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