The future of manufacturing industry is in the young generation!


You would agree that a firm’s performance depends on its employees. Moreover, it does not only depend on the manpower, it revolves around how good the workers are. The manufacturing industry has been struggling with the lack of talented people. So, what do we have to do to change the situation and where does the future of manufacturing lie?

Most people think of engineering and manufacturing as a manual, dirty and underpaid job. This stereotype has to be eradicated by explaining to children what this industry really is from the early stages. The key to a brighter future for manufacturing is to start attracting younger generations now!

The main problem is that the schools do not always provide enough information about engineering professions, and when it comes to girls they do not supports them in choosing such careers. Due to this, it is not surprising that most children do not understand what the career in manufacturing is like, and girls almost automatically decide to opt out from any engineered-related professions.

However, there is already something being done in order to improve the situation. Some manufacturing companies work closely with schools, providing classes and workshops, and offering opportunities for work experiences. We need to educate children, to explain that manufacturing is a high-tech and advanced field. Such initiative would pay off in the future, when more and more students decide to follow an engineering path in life. Schools should introduce science classes from the early stages, giving children a lot of time to decide what they want to do in the future.

Shout out to those businesses that never thought of collaborating with schools- in the end you will be in the disadvantage. In order to gain the most talented and skilled people, it is essential to start educating young adults, providing sufficient amount of information about different ways they could get into engineering. Going to a university is not the only option on the menu, choosing an apprenticeship has recently become more popular among school leavers, which is a great way to leant about the industry first-hand.

Integrating an active recruitment programme to attract more talents and educating pupils are the two tasks vital to any manufacturing company!

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